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Say Goodbye to " Bad Badtz-Maru" ATR72-600. 再見,立榮酷企鵝機

再見!酷企鵝度假機 台東台北飛行日記

Flight information

🛫Flight information Aircraft: ATR72-600
Registration Number: B-17001
Flight: B7-8728 TTT-TSA 台東豐年-台北松山
Airline: UNI Air 立榮航空

Trip Review

Let's say goodbye to UNI Air’s and the world’s first “Bad Badtz-Maru” livery aircraft. In 2016, Taiwanese regional carrier UNI Air debuted its first Sanrio-themed special livery ATR72-600. The livery featured the Japanese cartoon character Badtz-Maru.

After a year this livery had come out, UNI Air’s parent company, EVA air, released another Badtz-Maru livery A330-300 serving international routes.

Bad Badtz Maru as well as his friends had explored Penghu, Taipei, Taitung, and Hualian before the last flight B7-8728 that I took from Taitung (TTT) to Taipei (TSA) on 03 Aug 2022.

With the bad penguin’s company from checking in to landing, I had so much pleasure although it was just a 50-minute short flight.

The tailored self-check in kiosks, boarding card, signboards, safety card, disposal bag and exclusive farewell flight souvenirs altogether drew a perfect conclusion for my one-day Taitung trip.

These tiny but invaluable moments really sold me on magic of flying.

Vocabulary Bank

Debut:(v) 首次推出
Regional:(adj) 區域的
special livery: (n)特別塗裝
International routes:(n) 國際航線
Explore:(v) 探索
Tailored:(adj) 量身打造的
Exclusive: (adj) 獨家的


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