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(十用系列) 待轉區、違停、罰單英文怎麼說

機車族十用英文 → 待轉區、違停、罰單英文怎麼說

慘!被開單了! 警察:未依規定兩段式左轉。就在家門不到30公尺處被罰了。朋友問我How are you? 我回了I am fined, thank you. 頓時,朋友開心的說那騎車去吃壽司郎吧。於是,我生氣了,為甚麼呢?

(一) 兩段式左轉 → two-stage left turn 例句 → Many scooter riders complain about two-stage left turns. 許多機車騎士抱怨兩段式左轉

(二) 待轉區 → left turn box 例句 → Removal of left turn boxes for scooters could possibly lower the number of accidents. 機車待轉區的移除可能會降低車禍數 (三) 罰款罰單 罰款 → fine fine 除了當【好】之外呢,還有罰款罰金的意思。 例句 → He was fined due to illegal parking. 因為違規停車,他被罰錢了。 例句 → The bank is facing massive fine for insider trading. 這家銀行因為內線交易而正面臨鉅額罰款 罰單 → ticket 例句 → Steven received a speeding ticket yesterday. Steven 昨天收到了超速罰單。

(四) 駕照 → driving license 例句 → I obtained the driving licence for scooter when I was 18. 18歲時,我取得了駕照。 (五) 停車 → park (a) double parking → 併排停車 (b) no parking → 禁止停車 例句 → The " no parking " sign standing in front of my garage doesn’t work all. 豎立在我車庫前的禁止停車標誌毫無作用。 例句 → You must not stop for more than two minutes in a No Parking area. 你不准在禁止停車範圍內臨停超過兩分鐘。 補充 must not → 絕對不准 must (助動詞+原形V) 和 have to (一般動詞配不定詞+原形V) 皆為必須,must的強度是比have to高。舉例來說,You have to do the dishes→ 你需要洗碗哦,可是好像沒做就只是白目而已。You must do the dishes → 你不洗碗就死定了,一定要洗。must 及 have to 的否定皆為don’t / doesn’t have to → 不必要的意思。must not 是絕對不准的意思。 (c) illegal parking → 違規停車 例句 → illegal parking may cause traffic jams. 違規停車可能會引起塞車

(六) 爆胎 → flat tyre (同美式 flat tire) 例句 → Making sure your tyres are in a safe and legal condition can lower the risk of having a flat tyre. 確保你的輪胎們都安全合法可以降低爆胎的風險 (七) 常見道路 (a) Pavement → 人行道 (同sidewalk)

例句 → It’s dangerous to ride a bike on a pavement. 在人行道上騎單車是危險的 (b) intersection → 十字路口 例句 → Turn left at the next intersection. 下個十字路口左轉 (c) block → 街區 例句 → Go straight on Bo'ai Second Road for five blocks, and you can see Hanshin Arena on the left. 往博愛二路直走,經過五個街區後,在你的左手邊可以看到漢神巨蛋。 (d) Freeway→ 高速公路 例句 → Scooters are not allowed to enter a freeway. 機車不准上高速公路 (e) Roundabout → 圓環 / 繞路的 例句 → My car broke down at the roundabout. 我的車在圓環拋錨。 例句 → I decided to take roundabout ways to avoid tolls. 我決定繞遠路來避開收費站。 (八) 交通法規 → traffic laws → traffic regulations → traffic rules (九) 違規

→ Violate the law → 違反【特定】法律 → break the rule → 打破規則,即違規 (十) 加油站

→ gas station

例句 → We have to stop by the gas station and fill the tank to obtain enough fuel for us to drive straight to Taipei from Kaohsiung.我們必須停靠加油站,以取得足夠的燃料讓我們能從高雄直接開到台北。 例句 → Where is the nearst gas station? 哪裡有最近的加油站呢?

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